Help us get to Worlds!

We are returning to the VEX Robotics World Championships! But this year we have two teams: 9421 and 9421X and that means it is more expensive.

The full budget for the trip is close to $7000 (for hotel rooms, registrations, transportation, food, etc. It adds up fast).  But both teams are strong this year and have a lot of promise. 9421 is one of the top teams in New England and 9421X is one of the top teams in Robot Skills in New England.

9421- Triple Threat – were the

Tournament Finalists at the Framingham Nothing But Net Tournament on January 9, 2016
Tournament Champions at the Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament on January 16, 2016
Tournament Champions at the Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament on February 13, 2016
and the Excellence Award winners and Tournament Champions at the Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship on March 4-5, 2016

9421X – FHS Robotics X – were the

Programming Skills winner at the Framingham Nothing But Net Tournament on January 9, 2016,
and the Tournament Champions at the Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament on January 16, 2016

But despite their awards, they can’t compete at Worlds if we can’t afford to go. Here’s how you can help us get to Worlds:

Use the link on the right for all of your Amazon purchases. We receive 4-6% of what anyone spends and it costs you nothing. Use this all year and tell your friends and neighbors.

You can also make a tax-deductible donation to the Framingham High School Foundation for us. For checks, be sure to put “FHS Robotics” in the memo and send them to:

Framingham High School Foundation
PO Box 2367
Framingham, MA 01703

FHSF also accepts credit card donations through their website (but it costs them a few percentage points):

You can send checks directly to us. Make check payable to the Town of Framingham and send them to:

Peter Erbland
Framingham High School
115 A Street
Framingham, MA 01701

And if you are a corporation that wants to support cutting-edge STEM learning,  please contact us about sponsorships. We’d love to have you on-board.

Thank you!

Photos from the Southern New England Championship

Pit at Worlds Q&A

Q: What will be present in each team’s pit?
A: VRC and VEX IQ teams will be provided with a pit measuring 10’ x 10’ that will have a 6’ x 24” table (30” h), 2 chairs, electricity, a trash can and a team sign. The pit will have an 8-foot tall drape behind it and a 3-foot drape along the side

Q: Our school/club has multiple teams; will they all be in the same division?

A: No. Teams from the same school/organization/club will be split across the various divisions

 Q: We have another team that we want to share a pit with. May we move into their pit and share the space?
A: No. Judges and other event staff looking for teams use the official pit map to locate teams. Judges are assigned to interview specific teams. Teams who have moved will not be interviewed. Teams should also realize that pit locations are organized by both team numbers and by division.

Schedule for Southern New England Regional Tournament

Agenda for March 5 (Saturday) and March 6 (Sunday):

Saturday7:00 AM – Check in Begins
7:30 AM – Technical Inspection Begins
9:00 AM – Check in Closes (All teams not checked in will be dropped from the schedule)
9:00 AM – Inspection Closes
9:00 AM – Opening Ceremonies – Hebert Auditorium
9:30 AM  – Drivers Meeting – Hebert Auditorium
10:00 AM – First Match
6:00 PM – End of Saturday Qualifying Matches

Sunday8:00 AM  – Sunday Check in opens
9:00 AM  – First Qualifying Match of the day
1:30 PM – End of Qualification Matches
1:45 PM  – Alliance Selection
2:15 PM  – Elimination Rounds begin
Awards to follow or be interspersed