Thank you MathWorks!

MAthworks, our newest partner!
Mathworks, our newest partner!

Mathworks has generously donated the FHS Robotics Teams 10 copies (five for each team) of MATLAB and Simulink for the development and testing of the software by the FHS Robotics Teams in support of the team’s participation in the 2015 Vex Robotics Competition.

The software can be used with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller to design and simulate a robotic system. For more information, go here:

Booth Decorating Ideas and Promotion

If we bring a projector, what would you project? (note that it is very likely that there is no WiFi in the convention center).

You need to include info that will make alliances want to pick you like team strengths, team information, team pictures, etc.

Also promotional materials; Program Info, Team Info, Robot Pictures, Binder Info, Competition Results, In- Game Pictures

I’d like each of you to be able to post something each day on the Facebook page as well to keep the parents (and the other teams) up to date. This is an ongoing effort to market the team to other teams.

Also, here is some info on other teams:

It’s very interesting.