This is where you can find links to various documents including membership forms and an FAQ.

Membership forms are here.

The FAQ is here

The Bylaws and Constitution are here

Here’s a collection of resources that we’ve found to be helpful.

An illustrated guide to most VEX parts.

Carnegie Mellon University has published all kinds of resources for VEX robotics, including videos on how to use RobotC. An index for these resources can be found here.

The best way to get through judging is to know what criteria they will be using, and this is also the same criteria that we will be using for the 1 week preparedness requirement. Here are some of the official documents produced by Vex for those running events. These links have all been taken from this page, but we’ve collected all the useful/relevant ones here.

This official inspection guide has the same criteria that we use, but in competition, this is the official rubric used.

The various methods with which to qualify are outlined here, and the actual description of all the awards that can be one are outlined in this document. Similarly, the scoring guide used can be found here.

As for the field, the official field reset guide is here, and I’ll have full field specs up ASAP. Until then, a download for a .ZIP with documents and .STEP files to outline it can be found on their site (link to the dl here).