Pit at Worlds Q&A

Q: What will be present in each team’s pit?
A: VRC and VEX IQ teams will be provided with a pit measuring 10’ x 10’ that will have a 6’ x 24” table (30” h), 2 chairs, electricity, a trash can and a team sign. The pit will have an 8-foot tall drape behind it and a 3-foot drape along the side

Q: Our school/club has multiple teams; will they all be in the same division?

A: No. Teams from the same school/organization/club will be split across the various divisions

 Q: We have another team that we want to share a pit with. May we move into their pit and share the space?
A: No. Judges and other event staff looking for teams use the official pit map to locate teams. Judges are assigned to interview specific teams. Teams who have moved will not be interviewed. Teams should also realize that pit locations are organized by both team numbers and by division.