A brief update on the upcoming competition:

Make sure that you get your laptop forms into Mr. Erbland ASAP! Also be sure to have a ride planned for the competition this Saturday. Transportation will not be provided. However there is no need to bring lunch because it will be provided by QCC. For more information about the competition go to:

Request access to the members mailing list here by emailing President(at)

The current subgroup assignments are as follows. Please note that this is subject to change based off of workload, requirement, and amount of members.

Presidential Subgroup Members:
Chris Thierauf (Officer)
Varun Tekur
Hodan Gudal

Business Subgroup Members:
Jared Nussbaum (Officer)
Akin Shah
Yash Patel
Jigar Patel
William Steinberg
Benjamin Zalkin

Ed/IT Subgroup Members:
Eric Bornstein (Officer)
William Callahan
Daniel Lavin
Ryan Landers
Kevin Lenzi
Joseph Mitchell

Media Subgroup Members:
Evan Chansky (Officer)
Conner Neshe
Cameron Yeomans
Shristi Varshney
Alexander Garrant

Leave an anonymous comment with any form of concerns or suggestions here:


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