FHS Robotics Weekend Update: Y-Knot’s Progress

FHS Team Y-Knot has been designing and planning their robot since the week of the Nothing But Net competition announcement. One of the first ideas that the team came up with was a fold out ramp for the alliance robot to drive up for at least a low rise. This sets the team apart from the other teams in our club because the built-in ability to passively low lift.

The team’s captain, Chris, planned out the rest of the robot digitally following the team’s many brainstorming sessions during the summer. This allowed the team to start construction on the first build day.

The most recent design consists of high friction wheels in the back of the robot and omnidirectional wheels in the front for easy rotation around the back of the robot. There is also a feeder system that ends in vertical fly wheels.

The build team, Chris and Cam, completed the Chassis in one day, but because there were not enough parts available for the design, they were unable to complete the flip-then-lift system for the ramp.

The next task that the team needed to complete was functional driver control. Jared programmed the driver control outside of school and when he put the code in RobotC and tested it, nothing worked. He fiddled with the code and RobotC settings, finally getting the wheels to react to the controller. Jared then set the control for the intake roller to a power and directional toggle. Now the team needs to work on getting working fly wheels to launch the game balls into the goal zone. After their robot build is complete, the team will test, tweak, and add sensors to the robot so that it performs at its fullest potential.